The 3 Best Diet and Nutrition Tips EVER!

Within the span of about a week, I unintentionally came across two big lists of diet and nutrition related tips. One claimed to contain the “50 best tips,” while the other apparently took things to a whole other level to contain the “101 best tips.” Upon seeing this, there were three thoughts that immediately popped into my head: … Read more

Negative Calorie Foods: The Ultimate List

QUESTION: I recently came across the concept of negative calorie foods (a food that supposedly burns more calories during digestion than the food itself actually contains… like celery and certain other fruits and vegetables) and wanted to know a few things. First, is this a real thing? Second, assuming it is, do I need to log these … Read more

The Best List Of Superfoods

Ever see one of those extremely useful lists of superfoods? Of course you have! A new one pops up somewhere every 5 minutes, so it’s pretty hard to avoid. But if you somehow haven’t seen this before, let me fill you in on what you’ve been missing. What Are Superfoods? Superfoods are foods that are considered to be significantly better … Read more