7 Examples Of When I Hate Cardio

Approximately 12 million times a week, I get an email that starts with the phrase “I know you hate cardio, but…” and then the person proceeds to ask me a question about cardio. Let me state for the record that I have absolutely no idea how I got this reputation for being someone who hates … Read more

Should You Do Cardio Before Or After Weights?

Let’s say your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, or something similar. Let’s also say that in order to reach this goal as quickly and effectively as possible, you’ve determined that you need to do both weight lifting and cardio. Cool. Now let’s also say that you’re going to be doing both types of exercise on … Read more

I Can’t Do Pull-Ups Or Chin-Ups, What Alternative Exercises Should I Do Instead?

One common thing you might notice among the workout routines I’ve designed (and really the vast majority of the intelligent workout routines designed by any other sane human) is that they almost always contain some form of vertical pulling exercise. And, more often than not, the vertical pulling exercise of choice is either pull-ups or chin-ups. The primary difference … Read more