Workout Routines For Women: Why Your Weight Training Workouts Suck

Hello ladies… we need to have a very serious talk.

And guys, you should definitely read this too, because there is a good chance you’ll need to have this same talk with your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister, etc. at some point in the future.

What about, you ask? About workout routines for women, and how they are complete and utter crap.

Now wait, hang on ladies. Don’t get mad or insulted just yet. I’m going to explain exactly what I mean here, and by the end you’ll (hopefully) be in full agreement with that statement.

Now, in order to do this, I’m first going to have to bring a very simple weight training fact to your attention that may shock and scare you. But don’t be afraid, because right after that, I’m going to completely eliminate that fear.

Are you with me? Awesome. Now… brace yourself for what I’m about to say:

Women Should Work Out EXACTLY Like Men

Nope, I’m not joking or exaggerating. Men and women benefit equally from the same exact types of workout routines. Really, it’s true.

People often ask what the differences are between designing workouts for a woman and designing workouts for a man. The honest truth is that there are no real differences. They should be exactly the same.

Despite all of the garbage you’ve heard or read, there legitimately is no such thing as a workout that’s specifically made for a man or a woman in the first place. That’s just marketing crap. There are no significant differences in what works best based on gender or what needs to be done to get positive results from weight training.

Any workout routine that works great for a man will work equally great for a woman. There are absolutely no significant differences in how we should work out. There are no changes that need to be made based on what body part you do or do not have in your pants.

Pretty Crazy, Right?

After all, you ladies have been brainwashed into thinking that guys are the only ones who need to do “guy workouts” with heavy weights and lower reps and big compound exercises and that sort of thing. Instead, you girls supposedly only need to do “toning exercises” and “sculpting workouts” and other similar pointless nonsense.

As I’ve already covered in detail, everything you’ve been programmed into believing about “tone” is bullshit. Muscle tone happens as a result of actually building some muscle (which “toning workouts” never do) and then losing enough fat so that muscle becomes more visible (which “toning workouts” also never do).

That’s how you get “toned.”

High reps, light weights, machines and the rest of the typical weight training methods that are a major part of every female-specific “toning” workout do nothing but waste your time and effort.

More about that here: How To Get Toned

And here: The Toning Workout Routine For Women

And as I’ve also covered before, the idea that workout routines for men build “bulky” muscle while workout routines for women only build “lean” or “toned” muscle is also pure bullshit. Muscle is muscle. There are no different types.

There’s just workouts that build it, and workouts that don’t. As it turns out, the ones designed for men usually do build muscle. But the ones designed for women? Ha, they never do. (More about that here: Lean vs Bulky vs Toned)

My Fear-Inducing Point

So, the point I’m getting at here is this. Everything that is synonymous with workout routines for women is crap that does nothing. It doesn’t tone, or sculpt, or firm or whatever other girly adjectives the creators of these workouts use to appeal to you and the myths you’ve been brainwashed into believing.

And they sure as shit don’t build muscle. Which is pretty funny, because building some muscle is what you need to do to actually get that toned/sculpted/firm/sexy body you’re trying to get.

Which brings us to the big important question. How should you women build muscle?

The answer, while scary, is quite simple: by doing all of the things that us guys do to build muscle. The same workout routines, the same proven principles, the same methods… the same everything.

The problem is, if there is one thing I know about women (and there honestly might only be one thing), it’s that you are already beginning to ignore every word I’m saying. Yup, it’s true. The second I said you should work out like a man… you started to tune me out.

It’s okay, I knew you would. I broke the holy code that 99% of the female population adheres to when it comes to working out. And that is: Thou shalt not train like a man or use a man’s workout.

Why? Because of the fear that is ingrained in the mind of every woman who has ever even thought of stepping into a gym or lifting a weight…

I’m Afraid Of Getting Too Big, Bulky And Muscular Like A Guy

There it is. The one single fear that every workout routine aimed at females is built upon.

The problem with this fear is that it single handedly:

  • Prevents the majority of the female population from getting anything close to positive results from weight training.
  • Has most women wasting their time every single workout doing nothing productive in any way, shape or form.
  • Prevents most women from lifting anything heavier than a 3 pound pink dumbbell.
  • Keeps most women away from free weights and compound exercises.
  • Forces most women to do endless sets of higher reps over and over again.
  • Ensures most women will never create progressive overload.

I can go on and on and on here.

That’s because it’s this fear that most of you women have about getting too big, bulky, muscular and manly looking that is literally stopping you from actually getting the body you truly want. And honestly ladies… this fear couldn’t possibly be more idiotic.

Let me explain…


You’ve heard of testosterone, right? It’s typically known as the “male hormone” even though both men and women produce it. Men just happen to produce so much more of it than women that we just decided to refer to it as the male hormone.

Well, did you know that testosterone plays the largest role in predicting how much muscle a person can build and how quickly they can build it? It’s true. And this of course brings us right to the big secret.

Why Women WON’T & CAN’T Get “Big” And “Bulky”

How shall I put this? Hmmm. Alright, I got it…

Women do not have physiological makeup to EVER get anywhere near as big and bulky as they are so scared of getting anywhere near as quickly as they are so scared of it happening.

Seriously. If I could scream that directly into the face of every girl reading this, I would.

Because no matter how hard a woman purposely tries to get that big, bulky, overly muscular and manly looking body that most women are scared to death of getting… they never EVER will.

Even if they made it their one goal in life and did nothing but work to make it happen. It would still never happen anywhere close to the degree that women are so scared it might.

Well… unless of course they use steroids.

How Some Women DO Get “Big” And “Bulky”

You know the women who actually are big, bulky and overly muscular? The female bodybuilders, certain female wrestlers/athletes, or just plain old female freaks? You know, the ones that every one of you ladies are so afraid to look like and who are probably most responsible for putting this fear into your head in the first place?

Well, they all used steroids and various other drugs that screw with their hormone levels and allow them to get bigger, bulkier and manlier than any normal female WILL EVER COME CLOSE TO GETTING NATURALLY.

Hell, steroids allow them to get bigger and bulkier than the majority of men can ever get. And this brings me to another important point.

Most Men Can’t Get As Big/Bulky As Women Are Afraid Of Getting

I kid you not. Most of the men in the world have a billion times more testosterone than most women (exaggerated for effect), and that means we can build MUCH more muscle than you ever will MUCH faster than you ever will. And, even we can’t get as big and muscular as most women are afraid of getting.

There are guys in gyms all around the world doing everything they can possibly do to get as big as they can as fast as they can, and not one of them is doing it anywhere near the degree that most women hilariously think they will do it at.

Seriously. Building muscle is a painfully slow, extremely gradual process for men. And you women will never even come close to reaching these amazing “painfully slow” levels that us guys can.

Yet, women insanely think they will not only reach those levels, but greatly exceed them. It’s just a super idiotic/hilarious thought. Which brings up yet another important point.

The Rate Of Muscle Gain For Men And Women

I’ve already written about this subject in detail (How Much Muscle Can You Gain?), but it needs to briefly be mentioned now to prove just how insane some of you ladies are.

Let’s pretend that we live in some magical fantasy world where women are actually capable of getting the type of muscular manly body they are afraid of getting. It will never happen, but let’s just pretend that it can.

Most women think it will happen overnight. Like one day you’ll lift something heavier than a 3 pound dumbbell or do less than 15 reps per set and the next day you will have gained 50lbs of muscle.

Here’s the thing about that. Even with steroids, it’s not possible.

For the average natural male doing everything right under the best possible circumstances, the average rate of muscle gain will be between 0.25-0.5lb of muscle per week.

And for females? Half that.

Read that again, ladies. I just told you that AT BEST, a MAN whose genetics are significantly better than yours for gaining muscle can only gain half of a pound of muscle per week at most. And most men won’t even be able to reach that amount, and definitely not every week for a significant period of time.

Hell, most men past the beginners stage should be happy with 10-15lbs of muscle gained PER YEAR!

And like I said, for women… it’s half that. That means, AT BEST, the average woman purposely trying to get big and bulky and huge will only be able to gain 1 pound of muscle PER MONTH! And that’s assuming you’re doing everything as perfectly as possible (workout routine, diet, etc.) and trying to build muscle as quickly as you can.

For the love of God, go back and read that part again too.

Have I done enough to eliminate this fear from your mind now? I sure hope so because…

You Are Preventing The Results You Want

Here’s a question. What type of body do you want?

Go ahead ladies, think about it.

Got it? Ok, now let me guess.

You want to look toned and defined. You want to be fit and tight and firm and lean and athletic looking, while at the same time always appearing completely feminine and hot/sexy/awesome in general.

Well, guess what? To get that body, you are going to need to build some muscle.

And guess what else? You know all of those things you are avoiding because you think they will make you big and bulky and manly?

Well, it’s those very things that are required in order for any amount of muscle to be built.

You see, we all build muscle the same way. We all require the same muscle building fundamentals to be in place in order for muscle growth to occur. We all need and benefit from similar amounts of weight training volumefrequency and intensity. We all need to force progressive overload to happen and lift heavy weights that are truly challenging for us. We all need to ensure certain dietary requirements are in place.

Whether you are male or female, young or old, looking to build 5lbs of muscle of 50lbs of muscle. It doesn’t matter. The things that need to be done for ANY amount of muscle to be built will always need to be done.

However, since most women use workout routines comprised of little “girly” weights and super high reps, and are only interested in workouts that avoid big compound exercises, using lower reps, using free weights, and absolutely never attempt to make progressive overload happen or lift anything heavier today than they lifted 100 workouts ago… most women will never build any muscle.

Do you know what this all means? It means you are preventing yourself from getting the type of body you want because of a fear of getting a body that you can’t actually get.

How’s that for irony?

Your fear of getting “big and bulky” is what’s stopping you from getting toned and fit and lean and firm and athletic and sexy and blah blah blah.

The Solution

So ladies, please… stop worrying about getting too big and too muscular, and start doing the things that need to be done in order to build some muscle and get the body you want.

You don’t have to lift hundreds of pounds on every exercise like a guy might, but you do have to lift weights that are equally challenging for YOU and continue to push yourself to progress and gradually lift heavier and heavier weights over time. This is progressive overload, and it’s a requirement for any amount of muscle to be built or any amount of progress to be made.

You will likely also have to use free weights and compound exercises and lower reps and many of the other things most women typically avoid doing in favor of workouts filled with a bunch of pointless nonsense.

Like I said, these are the fundamental factors that need to be in place in order for muscle to be built. You either do them and build muscle, or you don’t. Simple as that.

And sure, some of us may only want to build 5lbs of muscle and some of us may want to build 50lbs.

But, there is still no difference whatsoever in terms of the approach. The same things still have to be done. The only difference is, when someone only looking to build a smaller amount of muscle reaches that goal, they stop right there and just maintain from that point on. The person looking to get “bigger and bulkier” would just keep on going.

So ladies, I beg of you… throw away the 3lb pink dumbbells and start challenging yourself and doing all of the things that I just explained need to be done for muscle to be built.

Use The Muscle Building Workout Routine or The Beginner Workout Routine or any of the fully designed and HIGHLY effective programs that I’ve included in my brand new premium guide, The Best Workout Routines.

You won’t get huge and manly. You won’t get big and bulky. And the muscle you do gain sure as hell won’t be gained quickly or suddenly to the point where you wake up one day and all of a sudden appear to be any bigger/bulkier than you wanted to be.

Women are just not built for it genetically. Hell, that kind of thing couldn’t even happen to men using steroids (let alone women who aren’t).

Instead ladies, all that will happen is that your body will slowly begin to look more toned and fit and lean and tight and firm and sculpted and all around hot. You know… just like you’ve always wanted it to look.

I guarantee it.

Additional details here: How To Build Muscle: 15 Steps For Men and Women

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